3D Printing Tutorials

How to remove the filament:

  1. In the main menu, select the temperature option, then select nozzle.
  2. Set the temperature to 190
  3. Then return to the info screen, and you will see the nozzle temperature is going up.
  4. Once the temperature has reached 190, find the spring on the side of the printer, where the filament is being inserted into.
  5. Push this spring down to be able to pull the filament out of the tube.
  6. Return to the temperature screen, and then scroll down until you see the cooldown option. Select this option.
  7. The filament has been successfully removed.

How to insert the filament:

  1. Mount the spool onto the spool holder at the top of the printer.
  2. Push down the spring on the side of the printer.
  3. Pass the filament through the hole that opens when the spring is pushed down.
  4. Push the filament through the tube all the way to the nozzle, until you start to feel some resistance.
  5. On the printer screen, go to the main menu and scroll down until you see the option print from media. Select this option.
  6. Then scroll down until you see the XYZ calibration cube. Select this option.
  7. Confirm the print and it will start printing.