Guide on using HTML

The way to make a website using HTML is actually quite simple, here is a few steps on how to get started:

Step 1:

First make a folder and save it somewhere where you can easily access it for example, your desktop

Step 2:

Open up your code editor, for me its VS code, once it is open, you should click on create new file and call it ‘index.html’ , save the file in the folder that you have already created.

If you click on the file in the folder it will open it in the browser, this will be important later.

Step 3:

In the file called ‘index.html’ type out ‘html:5’ and click enter and then add ‘-gb’ to where the language is, this will make it so that the language is set to the UK and not American English, if everything is done you should be left with this

now that you have a basic template done you can follow these next steps to see what else is possible with html

Step 4:

<h1> level one heading </h1>

<h2> level two heading</h2>

<h3>level three heading</h3>

<h4>level four heading</h4>

<h5>level five heading</h5>

<h6>level six heading</h6>

Using this makes it so that each heading will be smaller then the previous one so heading one will be the biggest.

Step 5:

<p> paragraph </p>

this line of code is just so you can input a block of text, now using the information learned, we can put them together and make this:

Remember to save any changes and now you should have a decent understanding of how to use html to make a website.