Matthew’s WordPress Skill Development

Recently, I have developed my skills on WordPress through my own personal project of creating a portfolio website, and applying these skills to other websites.

This is a part of my homepage on my portfolio website. This makes use of the navigation bar, which provides links to the corresponding pages, and the get in touch button.

My website uses the plugins: Ninja Forms, Wordfence Security, and WPvivid Backup. The contact page for my website was created using the Ninja Forms plugin.

This contact page is fully functional. The user is required to fill every field, and when the user submits the message, it gets sent to the submissions page on the admin dashboard for Ninja Forms, and it also gets sent to my email address inbox. The user also gets confirmation of the message being sent through their email inbox.

How have I applied this skill?

Understanding Ninja Forms has allowed me to apply this skill to a clients website to help build their contact page.

This contact page does not have the requirements for the email field and the phone field being filled, so the user can choose which information they want to give.